May 25, 2018

Summer Rae Made Her Return to The Ring

Summer Rae Made Her Return to The Ring
Danielle Moinet, formally known as Summer Rae in WWE, made her return to the ring recently as she competed in the Round 1 of the BCW Women’s Championship Tournament.

Even though she lost her match it didn’t happen without a ton of people putting her over for her performance.

Maybe Danielle Moinet didn’t want to compete in more than one match so she lost her contest, or she possibly just had to get back to the United States. But for whatever reason, she only wrestled one match in Australia. However, she apparently made a few fans and impressed several people in the process.

Maybe she will start working on a more frequent basis now that she’s started but she really doesn’t have to start making towns on a regular basis, especially if her neck is in question. But it’s still nice to know she’s still able to get back in the ring and impress whenever she needs to.

This was Her first match since August 2014.


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