May 18, 2018

Terri Runnels Talks Nikki Bella's Recent Break Up, Details Breast Augmentation

Terri Runnels Talks Nikki Bella's Recent Break Up, Details Breast Augmentation
On the most recent edition of Cigars, Scars, and Superstars former WWE Superstar Terri Runnels chimed in on Nikki Bella’s recent break up with John Cena:
“Nikki Bella going to her sister’s. I actually watched that video today. I found it very sweet. I think that we in this industry – I’ll speak for myself – I became such a reclusive person because when you’re out there all the time and you’re going, going, going and everyone justs wants a piece of you and you’re on the phone and they interrupt you for autographs and it’s like you never get away from it and when you finally get home you just want this seclusion from everything and everyone or I did. To be able to go into the loving, warm, protective, secure arms of your sister and your family, I think that’s special and awesome and the best place for her to be. I don’t know the details of the breakup; but, I love those girls and I’m sorry, my philosophy is, ‘Girl you can do better.’ When you have to put your needs and desires on the backburner because this guy – no, no – I feel she made so many concessions just to be with him and so, yeah, I really do like the girls.”
After briefly discussing Charlotte Flair’s reported breast implant rupture, Terri Runnel’s went into detail on her own experience with breast augmentation and credited ex-husband Dustin Rhodes (Goldust) with her decision to go up in size to a D-cup:
“Speaking from someone who has breast implants, I was a double a when I went to have my first implant surgery and the surgeon says to me, ‘Terri, a lot of women come in here and they just want enhancements. You come in here and you actually have a need.’ He was like, ‘You have a pancake with a gum drop and that is a problem.’ I initially had asked for a small C and upon awakening in 1987 with my first surgery he informed me that my chest was so flat chested and my skin so tight, he was unable to get a C in me. The best he could do was get a B and he said, ‘Terri come back in a year after your skin is stretched a little bit and I will be able to put in a larger one.’ All I kept thinking of was how painful it was and I was like, ‘Dude, I am never coming back because it was so painful.’ Awhile back in the 90s, there was this big scare over the silicone breasts vs the saline breasts and people thought the silicone caused cancer and I thought just to be on the safe side, I’ll get the silicone out and put the saline in. Dustin was funny. He was like, ‘While you’re at it. Since you’re going anyway, do you think you can get them a little bigger?’ So, I went up and got myself a D for Dustin.”


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