May 9, 2018

Update On Rosemary’s Injury

Update On Rosemary’s Injury
During an episode on Petey Williams’ the Wrestling Perspective podcast with James Ellsworth, it was revealed that the Impact Wrestling Knockout Rosemary suffered a torn ACL earlier this year during an AAW match against Jessicka Havok.

During the match the two had a kick exchange and Rosemary ducked a kick, countered with one of her own and went down. She rolled to the outside for an extended period of time before they went to a quick finish.

As seen on last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Rosemary’s match against Su Yung never officially started due to an all our brawl between the two Knockouts that ended with Yung putting Rosemary into a casket, likely as a way to write her off televsion until Rosemary recovers.

Since her attack from Su Yung and seemingly being written off television, Impact has been teasing this as the “Death of Rosemary”.

Meanwhile, Rosemary has remained silent on social media, going as far as removing her bio from her social media accounts and profile picture.


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