June 20, 2018

Becky Lynch Guarantees Title Win Soon (Video)

Becky Lynch Guarantees Title Win Soon (Video)
Below is backstage video of Dasha Fuentes talking to Becky Lynch after her win over Billie Kay on this week's WWE SmackDown.

Becky talks about coming up short at Money In the Bank on Sunday and says she was so close to winning the briefcase but she got blindsided again, as usual. Becky also talks about The IIconics calling her a loser before the win over Kay and guaranteed she will win the SmackDown Women's Title again soon.

"I feel like I've got a lot to prove now. It's one thing to be down and it's another thing to come out and hear people mock you for being a loser when I've put more work into this than anybody else on the roster, and I can say that with my hand on my heart, and I'm not going to stop," Becky said. "Tonight felt good but it's not the end. I've got a lot more mountain to climb and I'm going to keep climbing and go through anybody that I have to in order to get to the top, and I'm winning back the championship again. I can guarantee that. I guarantee you. If I can't guarantee anything else, I can guarantee that I'm going to be champion again, sooner than later."


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