June 26, 2018

Becky Lynch Wants A Women's Tag Team Championship Division And Has Pitched It To WWE

Becky Lynch Wants A Women's Tag Team Championship Division And Has Pitched It To WWE
Becky Lynch was a part of a Q&A session at the Ace Comic Con, facilitated by Lillian Garcia. Among a series of questions, Lynch was asked what is the first thing she would do if she became the CEO of WWE.

After jokingly stating that she would "fire James Ellsworth," she stated that she would book a match against Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. She then stated that she would have a women's tag team championship division.

Lynch was asked a follow-up question on whether she would have just one set of Women's Tag Team Champions, or if she would have them for both Raw and SmackDown Live.

"So right now, numbers-wise, I don't think we have enough women to have one on each brand," said Lynch. "So, what I think would be pretty cool, is if they were traveling, and not just between Raw and SmackDown, but NXT too. And then you'd have a huge, huge range of women that you'd go against and so many possibilities. And I think that would get people excited to watch any of the brands, because you wouldn't know when people would be showing up [on] either Raw or SmackDown because it'd all be traveling."

Garcia asked Becky if she pitched this idea to WWE already. "Yep. Been pitching it for a year," said Lynch. "Maybe two." Lynch stated that he knew that WWE had a women's tag team division before, but she would bring it back.

The WWE women's tag team division began in 1983, when WWE withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance following Vincent K. McMahon taking over the regime in 1982. The division lasted until 1989, when the title was abandoned. The "Glamour Girls" team of Leilani Kai and Judy Martin was clearly the most dominant team of this division, having two reigns for a total of 1157 days (about three years, two months), which is over half of the lifespan of the entire division.


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