June 23, 2018

Catrina Rips WWE's Television Production Compared To Lucha Underground

Catrina Rips WWE's Television Production Compared To Lucha Underground
Lucha Underground star Catrina (formerly known in WWE as Maxine) was the latest guest on The Taz Show and discussed the difference between WWE and Lucha Underground regarding production.

Catrina feels that Lucha Underground has many elements that are different than WWE, as well as WWE trying to mirror some LU production but failing.

"[Lucha Underground] is ran like a TV show," said Catrina. "It's such an interesting world, Hollywood, so to say. And I literally stepped full throttle into that side of the business, and seeing how like going from sets from filming television to sets of Lucha [Underground], it's really, a lot of it is very similar. It's ran like that, and it's a team. Like, the posts, what's happening behind the scenes is if not more important than what's happening in front. So, we are very dependent on making sure that everybody in backstage is happy and doing their job and making us look good. Because that's who makes us look good, and it is a very, very important part of the show and business in general in the entertainment world.

"And it's not done like that in [the WWE]. They go into a hallway that's echoing the s**t out of everything. They don't sound-proof anything. They get one camera, you're walking down the hallway with one camera. No [lighting], just crap. And it's been the same forever. They tried to up it when Lucha came, I saw they tried to up everything, but it's not gonna happen, because it's not ran like that."

Catrina added that the fans appreciate that production aspect of Lucha Underground, because it is different from any other wrestling company since it is a television series that includes wrestling.

She also credits Dusty Rhodes for helping her develop her skill as an actress, which is a very important element to have in LU. She explained that Dusty would ask everyone before promo class what movie they watched and the takeaways from the movie, as well as have the wrestlers sit down and watch movies before cutting promos. Catrina feels that the acting element is lacking in WWE, which fans are still looking for.


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