June 30, 2018

Lana On How Ronda Rousey Has Helped The WWE Women's Division

Lana On How Ronda Rousey Has Helped The WWE Women's Division
Lana was recently a guest on The Zoo, and discussed a variety of topics, including Rusev, her WWE run, and Ronda Rousey. Lana discussed her relationship with her husband Rusev, and how they frequently make the other person laugh while also getting on each other's nerves at times. Lana shared that Rusev recently went on a strict diet, going from 310 pounds to 275 pounds.

Growing up, Lana was a big fan of WWE, remembering names such as Hulk Hogan and Miss Elizabeth, while also being scared of Jake Roberts' snakes when she was a little kid. As she grew older, she became a big fan of The Rock. With these influences, Lana stated that she has been an entertainer all her life, endeavoring in a career as a professional dancer. Although she never thought a career in the WWE would happen, she got an opportunity to get signed with the company, and tried out successfully.

Although the finishes are predetermined, Lana shared that pro wrestling is a combat sport, with elite athletes such as Ronda Rousey, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle, and Charlotte Flair, with Rousey being "one of the best athletes in the world." Lana was then asked how Rousey transitioned from MMA to WWE, specifically her match at WrestleMania.

"I thought she did amazing," said Lana. "I was on her side, I was rooting for her. She's brought a lot of eyes to the women's division which has been really, really exciting, just that people talk more about the women's division. But she had a lot of haters and doubters going in, but I think she really silenced a lot of them, because she had an incredible showing for her first match at the biggest stage of the year."

Lana added that Rousey was in the ring with Kurt Angle, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon inside the Superdome in New Orleans, and has a "very bright future in WWE."


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