July 9, 2018

Paige Opens Up About 'Pie Facing' Incident With Rude Fan After MITB, Stephanie McMahon On List Of Most Influential Woman In Sports

Paige Opens Up About 'Pie Facing' Incident With Rude Fan After MITB, Stephanie McMahon On List Of Most Influential Woman In Sports
- Stephanie McMahon is featured in AdWeek's list of 30 Most Influential Women In Sports. The feature mentions McMahon's participation in WrestleMania 34 and her match tagging with Triple H against Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle. It was noted WM34 broke the record for highest-grossing entertainment show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with $14.1 million.

It was also mentioned how WWE continues to strengthen their influence on women's sports entertainment by growing the status of women in the company. Rousey's signing put a huge spotlight on the Women's Division, and WWE nearly doubled the roster of female Superstars in the past three years. WWE has also hired three female coaches and a female referee.

Mattel's line of WWE Superstar Barbie Dolls was noted as an accomplishment as well. Due to these increased efforts to focus on women, WWE's female fan base is said to have increased by 40%.

- As noted, Paige was assaulted by a fan after the Money In The Bank pay-per-view event in Chicago. The fan stuck his hand in Paige's car and "pie-faced" her while telling her to lose some weight.

Fans outside the Allstate Arena who witnessed this event were supportive of Paige and she stuck around afterward to meet a few more fans before leaving. Paige recently opened up to Renee Young on the Regular Girls Podcast about this altercation in Chicago. She said it made her angry, but Paige knew how to deal with this kind of thing with her celebrity status.

"Everytime I fly to Chicago there's always like thousands of fans anyway, they're all diehard fans which is great, but you always get one d------d, right?" Paige explained. "So while I'm tagging people's hands he comes along to like shove his hand in the car to like pie-face me. So, everyone who seen it, it was like slow motion and he put it on the end of my nose and I'm like, 'what the f--k?'

"Then he told me to, 'lose some f--king weight b---h.' I was like Clueless, 'as if?' Yeah," Paige said as Renee Young helped her identify the movie reference. "So that happened and I remember I got in the car and I was so mad about it but I was like, 'you know what? I've had a very s--tty year-and-a-half and I really need to get my s--t together.

"Because if I blow up right now it's definitely gonna be on the internet and it's gonna be Paige being the bad guy. So I was like, 'alight I'm gonna relax.' I texted Mark Carrano because obviously he's our boss and I was like, 'this is what happened out here, just to let you know.' I was really upset about it because you know you can never make everyone. You're either too skinny or too fat. And you know how you get angry tears? It was like angry tears like grrr."


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