July 26, 2018

Toni Storm On Returning For The Mae Young Classic, Excitement For NXT UK, WWE Evolution

Toni Storm On Returning For The Mae Young Classic, Excitement For NXT UK, WWE Evolution
Toni Storm spoke to Mirror Sport‘s Tony Quant about WWE Evolution, her involvement in the Mae Young Classic, NXT UK and more. Here are few highlights:

Coming back for the 2018 Mae Young Classic:

It’s just strange because I feel like my brain still hasn’t let it sink in yet that I am associated with WWE. I have strived for it for so long and dreamt of getting into WWE from being a kid and I have never let it go. It’s completely surreal, a lot of the time I kind of don’t even think i have got there.

Storm talks about how she was nervous in last year’s tournament, and if she thinks it will be less tense this time:

It is strange because you think the more you do something, the more comfortable it gets. But for me, it gets worse with every match if I am honest! The pressure grows more and more to strive and be better. It helps me though, to push myself to be better. The saying goes ‘the moment you stop getting nervous is the day you should quit’.

Being involved in the NXT UK brand:

It is so surreal and I am so nervous about it. I just forget how incredible it is and have to pinch myself. The UK has a division and I am one of the first to be a part of that. The pressure keeps on rising and there is a lot to push for.

WWE Evolution announcement:

I was just so happy because there has been so much hard work from girls across the world. We all wanted better opportunities and we have all worked so hard to get it. So many girls have put in so much effort. so it’s emotional to see these things going on now. It is going to give us more opportunity to shine and put even more eyes on us. As much as pro wrestling is a competitive industry, I am very proud of all the girls who have worked to get us to this point.


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