Alexa Bliss On If She's Intimidated By Ronda Rousey, What's Next For Her

Alexa Bliss On If She's Intimidated By Ronda Rousey, What's Next For Her
Alexa Bliss recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling about facing Ronda Rousey.

Bliss said it doesn't intimidate her because being able to work with eclectic styles strengthens a performance. If anything, she doesn't have the worst record in WWE. therefore, she is excited to face her challenger head-on.

"I would not necessarily say that I'm intimidated by Ronda," Bliss said. "But I will say working with different styles makes us all better performers. You know we have different -- I mean I do have a better record than Curt Hawkins, which you know I live for. But honestly, Ronda doesn't intimidate me all that much because all around, working with different styles makes you a better performer.

"I've had matches with Asuka, Charlotte and they're all different. Ronda coming from such a prestigious background and having such a big name around her, what better person to beat to legitimize my title reign?"

Alexa also spoke about what is next for her after hitting the ground running in her main roster career.

"It's been an amazing few years with WWE," Bliss said. "I've been very fortunate to be given the opportunities I've been given and it's been awesome. You know I'm really looking forward to seeing how this Women's Evolution continues.

"You know, I went into my first WrestleMania as SmackDown Women's Champion, my second one as Raw Women's Champion. So now championships aside, I'm ready to see what's next for the Women's Evolution and keep this division going and I think that's going to be shown very well in the pay-per-view we have coming up, Evolution."


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