Backstage Reactions on Renee Young's RAW Announcing Debut, Renee Comments (Video)

Backstage Reactions on Renee Young's RAW Announcing Debut, Renee Comments (Video)
Renee Young’s Raw announcing debut was universally praised by people in the company and most fans.

Renee was interviewed after RAW last night for a WWE exclusive where she reveals that the big boss, Vince McMahon, let her roll with the punches and only had to give her one little adjustment during the broadcast.

"He only spoke to me once, just once. I mean, I’m sure he was kind of letting me get away with a few things tonight. Yeah, he told me to slow down on a couple spots but that was it. And, geez, if that’s the only note that I get from him tonight, hallelujah, I’ll take it."

Michael Cole also took to Twitter to express how proud he was of her work last night.

"Words can not express how proud I am of @ReneeYoungWWE. What she accomplished last night is no easy feat. That chair is a tough one to sit in. She brought poise, professionalism, a refreshing view. Renee and @WWEGraves were a great team. Thanks for helping me feel young again"

Young actually has some experience at the announce table. She did commentary for NXT in 2013 and 2014 for the women’s matches before becoming a full-time commentator for a few months. Later, she served as the color commentator on WWE Superstars alongside Tom Phillips. It was the first time they had a full-time announcer on one of their main shows in over a decade. Things didn’t work out and Young was very green at the time but it was obvious that she was more comfortable in the role during Raw this week.


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