Becky Lynch Explains Why She Attacked Charlotte Flair At Summerslam

Becky Lynch Explains Why She Attacked Charlotte Flair At Summerslam
As seen on Smackdown, Becky Lynch explained her actions at Summerslam, saying she is sick of her ‘friend’ stealing her spotlight.

Becky says she deserves to be standing here as the champion, but since it was stolen from her, Charlotte got what she deserved. Becky says that SummerSlam was supposed to be about one woman, her. It was about her time. She says she fought her way for months to earn a singles match against Carmella. Becky says she got over the fact that Charlotte got added to the match. Becky says it was her opportunity to silence the people who said she was just Charlotte's friend. She wanted the chance to hold the title over her head.

You act like you are with her, but were you the whole time? There was no hashtag 'Give Becky a Chance'. When Charlotte weaseled her way into the match, she got some tweets, but there was no boycott. When Charlotte stole the title from her, you cheered the new champion. Whenever anyone asks who the greatest of all time is, Becky Lynch is not the first name out of your mouths. Becky says she has been made an afterthought. After a few nights, that is not going to change.

You are a generation of all talk and no actions. Becky says she had enough of the opinions and tried to take things into her own hands. The referee making the three count waked her up from a trance. She knew that her so called best friend had been holding her back. At that moment, she knew that Charlotte stole her spotlight for the last time. She knew she would raise Charlotte's hand and rip her head off. Becky says it was her time to be champion, but not because any of you think she deserves it. It is because she says she deserves it. There is no one on this roster or anyone in this arena or watching at home can tell her any different.

The music interrupts and out comes new SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair to the stage. Flair takes off the title and holds it up, talking trash to Becky. Flair runs to the ring and they start brawling. Flair takes the fight to the floor as referees try and break it up now. They bring it back in the ring and some fans chant for Becky as she boots Flair. Paige comes to the stage and brings out the rest of the women's division. Superstars hit the ring to hold them back as a "let them fight" chant breaks out. They keep breaking free and fighting. Fans chant for Becky now. Flair tackles Becky out of the ring and then jumps off the apron at her. We go to commercial as the two are held back.


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