Cris Cyborg On If She Would Lose To Ronda Rousey In A WWE Ring

Cris Cyborg On If She Would Lose To Ronda Rousey In A WWE Ring
Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg led their divisions while both occupying the UFC at the same time.

A fight between the two women couldn't be arranged, and Cyborg doesn't sound too positive about facing Rousey in a WWE ring at this point. However, if the match did happen, she knows who WWE would book to win.

Cyborg recently spoke to MMA Fighting where she discussed the possibility of facing Rousey in a future match, but first, she disclosed her thoughts on why Rousey left UFC in the first place. She said Rousey isn't built for MMA because if she were, a loss wouldn't have caused her exit from the company.

"I watched her perform in WWE. She went a different path, right?" Cyborg said. "Because she lost and didn't return to MMA, everybody saw she's not (built) for MMA. If she was, she would have returned even with a loss, like every other athlete does. Losing is part of the sport."

The current UFC Featherweight Champion continued to discuss Rousey's decision to relocate her talents to WWE. Rousey is happy with Vince McMahon and Company, but she's in a much different environment than the Octagon.

"She can do whatever she wants in WWE, they decide what happens beforehand," Cyborg continued. "But I believe she's happy. It's a difficult job because she has to act and that's not easy, for sure, but she's doing well.

"I want to box. I want a real fight," Cyborg said dismissing the idea of facing Rousey in WWE.

Cyborg continued saying that Rousey's biggest fear was losing to her. However, if WWE ever booked a match between the two, they would likely have the Raw Superstar emerge victoriously.

"I think Ronda's biggest fear was losing to me, so if we were to do it in WWE she would have to win," Cyborg said. "I don't have such a big ego, but if we were to put on a show for the fans, something like that, no problem. But I don't see myself in it now.

"She would only accept it that way [...] I believe she would only do it that way. No problem. I know what would happen in a real fight."


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