Renee Young Talks Issues With Being On 'Total Divas' Because Of Dean Ambrose, Doing WWE Commentary

Renee Young Talks Issues With Being On 'Total Divas' Because Of Dean Ambrose, Doing WWE Commentary
Renee Young was the guest on this week's episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. Here are some highlights:

Her experience on "Total Divas":

"It was a cool experience, but I think when I was in the middle of it and even when we started and I get the call, 'You're going to be on Total Divas', I was like 'Okay…', because I knew I was going to have to broach this subject with my significant other [Dean Ambrose]. Now listen if it was destiny, it probably would have been a little bit different, but I also might not have been on the show if it was just me. It was hard, it was really hard and even now when I see the girls and their on the road, and you've got a camera in your face, and you're taking these vacations that aren't really vacations, it's exhausting, it's really a lot of work. I commend them all for doing it. For the people that it's great for, its great for, but I think the problem that I essentially ran into was that I'm not a private person and my husband is. I didn't want to make him do something that he didn't want to do."

How she and Dean got together:

"I feel like we just always talked. We would like connect and hang out, but at this point I did not know that he doesn't talk to anybody, because he always just talked to me. So we would be on Voxer this app, it's like a walkie talkie app and we would just message each other all day long and we would always make plans, try to hangout.

"As soon as we actually like hung out, he came and met me in Orlando. We were on like neutral territory, I was down there doing NXT, because there was times when he said he was going to come to New York and I'm like, 'You're not staying in my apartment! What do you think that means?!' So he came to meet me in Orlando and we hung out and we've literally been together since."

How she feels about her past work as a commentator:

"It stressed me out more then, but I also was so much newer in the company that I felt like, and I did this to myself I think, but I felt like I was on such a tightrope about what I can say, what I can do, how I can behave, how am I supposed to come across. I was like, 'Who am I? What is this thing that I'm delivering to people because this doesn't feel like it's me.' I just feel like I had to rework how I speak and I can definitely be a little crass or I can make fun of stuff in ways that doesn't work here. So I think now that I've been here long enough and I've been on the panels long enough, that I have such a better perspective of how everything works from a non-scripted idea. So I think if I were able to apply that again a second round, it might be a different outcome."


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