Rumor Killer on Asuka Walking Out on SmackDown

Rumor Killer on Asuka Walking Out on SmackDown This Week
There is a rumor floating around on Facebook & Sportskeeda that claims that Asuka walked out of Tuesday’s SmackDown this week,  after a heated meeting with WWE officials. According to thos rumors, she has stopped returning their calls since the Japanese star was reportedly very unhappy with her current position in the company.

We can confirm that these reports are completely false. Rumors claim that these reports originated from Mike Johson on PWInsider Elite, however that’s not the case. PWInsider has not released an audio since Tuesday morning, which means there is no way they had reported it. We are only addressing this rumor after receiving several messages through our Facebook Page asking about the authenticity of these claims.

It’s also worth mentioning that no other reliable source has picked up on these claims. Had Asuka walked out on SmackDown, it would be one of the biggest stories of the year and everyone backstage would be talking about it.


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