Summer Rae Comments On WWE Including Her On A Poll About Evolution, Madison Rayne On Being Ready For Her WWE Opportunity (Video)

Summer Rae Comments On WWE Including Her On A Poll About Evolution, Madison Rayne On Being Ready For Her WWE Opportunity (Video)
- Below is new video of former Impact Knockouts Champion Ashley Rayne (Madison Rayne) talking to WWE about participating in The Mae Young Classic. Rayne discussed her career but did not name TNA or Impact Wrestling.

"I've been a professional wrestler for 13 years," Rayne said. "The last 8 years, I've literally traveled the globe, honing my craft, perfecting my skills, winning championships and making sure that when it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally come to WWE, that I was ready in every possible aspect."

Rayne also recalled seeing her first wrestling match - Bull Nakano vs. WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze on RAW, discussed her in-ring style and how she was always a fan of the underdogs growing up. Rayne said she's never been more ready for this opportunity with WWE.

"When I got the email letting me know that I was a candidate for the second Mae Young Classic, I cried because over the last few years I've become a crier," she said. "I was overwhelmed because it's literally been over a decade that I've been trying to perfect my skills in the ring. After that many years to finally have this opportunity, it's like everything's finally coming together at that perfect moment, and I've never been more ready."

- Former WWE women's talent Danielle Moinet, aka Summer Rae, was on the BobCulture podcast. Summer thanked the WWE for her experience there, and she is thankful that her dream was fulfilled.

"I went to my tryout in WWE, and I think within like six weeks, it was really fast for me, I was like down there, moved to Tampa, and the rest was history," said Summer. "I thought six weeks was like a long time, but everyone was like, 'oh no, I waited years.' I was like, 'oh, ok. Great.' It was all about timing, too. When I first started, there was only like five other girls. So now there's like 30 something down there, so I think it was just really good timing."

Summer Rae stated that she loved the opportunity to "grind it out" in the WWE for six years, but she did have to miss birthdays and weddings, which is something that talent have so sacrifice while traveling for WWE. Now, she is traveling with friends and is able to make bookings "without going through a big corporate conglomerate."

"It's kinda like getting a divorce, and then going to date everyone else," said Summer. "And not committing to anyone. Like, I'm a big player now. I'm a playboy. Like, I'm in my wild, reckless early drunk 20s in my career (laughs)."

Recently, Summer Rae was polled by WWE, along with 11 other former WWE women's wrestlers, on who the fans would like to see return to the ring at the inaugural Evolution event. As of the current tally, she has only received two percent of the vote, with AJ Lee in a commanding lead at 69 percent. Every other name is under five percent.

Summer commented on WWE teasing her to possibly return at Evolution.

"I would love to go," said Summer. "I have no idea why it was on a poll, but it's great to have my name trend on Twitter every now and then. Thank you, WWE. So, I think it's an amazing opportunity. I texted Sasha (Banks) right away when I found out. Really excited about Trish and Lita, of course. So, yeah, I'm still like a super mark, so I'd love to go."


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