Taeler Hendrix Says That She Will 'Never' Join WWE

Taeler Hendrix Says That She Will 'Never' Join WWE
Former Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor women's wrestler Taeler Hendrix was recently interviewed by GO Pro Wrestling to discuss her current endeavors.

Hendrix stated that she is honored to be known as a person who helps start women's divisions, since she was instrumental in both the Women of Honor, and currently the women's division of the National Pro Wrestling League. Hendrix says that she was also the first woman to be a part of the TNA Gut Check competition.

When asked when fans are going to see her in WWE, Hendrix gave a very definitive answer.

"Never," said Hendrix. Never. "I am with National Pro Wrestling League and I am very happy. I found a home for myself, I found a brand that I can believe in, and I can help revolutionize. And, honestly, not many women can they're there for the starting of a division. And this just isn't any division, let's be clear. This isn't just an independent. This is a TV program. This is a revolutionary program. How many women are going to be able to say that?"

While Hendrix does not plan on signing with WWE, she wishes them the best, but is content with her current status as a women's competitor for NPWL.

"I wish the WWE best, but I know where my home's at, I know where my heart's at, and I go where I'm really appreciated," Hendrix said. "I go where I'm gonna see the most potential for myself. For all of my dreams, my hopes, my aspirations. Have I had opportunities with the WWE? Yes. Have I had opportunities with TNA, Ring of Honor? Yes. I've done, in this business, almost everything I've ever wanted to do to some level, in some way, shape, or form. So, I think that's really cool for the little girl in me that watched it growing up to be able to say."

Hendrix credits the feud between Trish Stratus and Victoria as the feud that sparked her interest to become a wrestler, and also credits Sherri Martel, Velvet McIntyre, and the Ultimate Warrior as strong personalities that continued her interest while doing research by watching old wrestling videos.


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