Tessa Blanchard Wants To Make A Name For Herself In Impact Wrestling Before Going 'Anywhere Else'

Tessa Blanchard Wants To Make A Name For Herself In Impact Wrestling Before Going 'Anywhere Else'
Tessa Blanchard spoke on a recent media call about wanting to make a name for herself before moving on with her career.

As she continues in the Knockouts Division, Blanchard also has her eyes set on bringing intergender matches to Impact Wrestling, but it is also important for the 23-year-old to learn as much as she can.

"I have goals, I have my purpose. I want to build upon what my grandpa and my dad and my stepdad did in the past," Blanchard said. "I also want to do that while making a name for myself I believe it's important to do that before I go anywhere else.

"Impact has given me the platform and the exposure and they're supplying me with the tools and the teachers to do that and I'm very, very grateful for that. Because not only am I learning so much but I'm also honing my own skills and taking it to the next level in a way.

"I'm very gateful to be in Impact and honestly, if I'm being completely honest I was just going with my gut and signing with Impact was a feeling I had that was right for me and it will be right for me for the next two years.

Impact Wrestling's new Canadian regime brought a fresh breath of life to the company. Blanchard wasn't around for the previous incarnation of backstage leadership in Impact Wrestling, but she praised the current locker room and the opportunities presented to her.

The Impact Wrestling locker room is full of veteran advice which Blanchard sees as a valuable resource at her disposal. While crediting Gail Kim and Jimmy Jacobs specifically, Blanchard said it is also important to enjoy the moments as she continues her career.

"I am enjoying the journey," Blanchard said. "I'm having the most fun than I've ever had in my entire life and that's why I am where I am right now, Impact [Wrestling]. Impact is such a fun place to work, I enjoy it so much I can't stress that enough. The locker room, the people, working Gail Kim, working with Jimmy Jacobs. I love working in Impact, it is so much fun, I can't stress that enough.

"But also, as much pressure as I put on myself and as much as I push myself and I remain focused. I do, I put so much pressure on myself whether it's in the gym, whether it be in wrestling, whatever goals I have. I do always remind myself -- sometimes in the ring at the end of a match -- I take a step back and say, 'Tessa, you got this, you're in control. Look at where you are right now.' I remind myself to be grateful and remember where I came from."


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