WWE Reconsidering Becky Lynch's Heel Turn?

WWE Reconsidering Becky Lynch's Heel Turn?
Becky Lynch turned on Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam but it didn’t get her booed like WWE might have hoped. Instead it drew the pop of the night.

After Tuesday's Smackdown, a new report says that WWE is changing course on the Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair feud heading into the Hell in a Cell PPV.

On the Rewind-a-Smackdown podcast, co-host John Pollock said that the company learned from last week’s SummerSlam and SmackDown Live crowd reactions to Lynch and Flair.

“So I was told this after [this week’s Smackdown] that last week, based on the reaction Becky got, that they have slightly changed the direction here,” Pollock said. “Where the idea now is much less of a heel/babyface dynamic and instead it’s two ex-friends that both have valid points and neither is going to back down from the other and still getting Becky to the same place they wanted to but not so much wanting Charlotte to be a heel as a result of this. So it seems like they did learn from last week how everyone was into Becky.”

Pollock added, “Credit that they learned from last week. To me, it was a bad idea trying to turn Becky. If in fact they realized it, tonight you definitely did not get the same Becky as was presented last week.”


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