September 17, 2018

Anti-Charlotte Flair Signs Confiscated at WWE Hell In a Cell

Anti-Charlotte Flair Signs Confiscated at WWE Hell In a Cell
According to, a fan has explained how some anti-Charlotte Flair signs were confiscated at the Hell in a Cell pay per view last night in San Antonio, Texas.

The story was initially picked up by Daily Star which Becky Lynch responded to, with the individual in question who had signs confiscated providing Fightful with the following quotes. Lynch defeated Flair at the event, capturing the SmackDown Women’s Championship in the process.

I had my stack and my friends handed out some but they were on the non tv side. I went to do it and a arena security took one and said let me borrow one. He took it (and) looked like someone who worked for WWE, because I’ve seen that guy at shows. I was putting more down, and then a few minutes later someone else from the arena came to me and said (they’d) been authorized to take these. That’s all they said. I took ones from the non-TV side back and hid them until the promo for the match started and handed more out (laughs). But they didn’t seem to take any from then on. Not sure if they just didn’t like how many I had or what.


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