September 3, 2018

Candice Michelle on Why WWE Released Her, Tickets For WWE Evolution Not Selling Well

Candice Michelle on Why WWE Released Her, Tickets For WWE Evolution Not Selling Well
- WWE Evolution PPV is having a tough time selling tickets despite the constant promotion its received since it was announced back in July.

According to the Wrestling Observer the show is still on pace to sell out but with tickets already being on sale for over a week and the normal pace of the New York wrestling market this has come as a surprise for the WWE, especially considering that the recent success of ALL IN and the NJPW/ROH Madison Square Garden show both sold immediately without a singe match announcement.

Dave Meltzer admitted that he was just as surprised at how slow tickets were moving.

I thought that the tickets for [Evolution] were going to go immediately and be a hot ticket, especially in New York where you have all the ticket brokers. The ticket brokers bought 6,000 seats for SummerSlam.

We’ll keep you updated. As of this writing, WWE’s Super Showdown event is moving tickets at a much faster rate, and are expected to reach the 70,000 maximum capacity before Evolution reaches its 11,000.

- Former WWE Divas Champion Candice Michelle discussed her exit from WWE on Why It Ended. She broke her collarbone in a 2 out of 3 falls match against Beth Pheonix and then while she was training for her return, it took a bad turn for the worse.
“After I shattered the collarbone I was training once again trying to get back too soon. I was doing double Krav Maga, 4-hour training a day. And then I landed on the donut of the bag and I tore 2 ligaments on my ankle.”

“I’m already on injury release and they know I’m trying to get back. I was just overdoing it. I wasn’t listening to my body. I was just listening to my mind and not wanting to lose my spot that I had that I had worked so hard for and then that was when I got the call after that.”
WWE usually doesn’t release people while they’re injured but apparently, Candice Michelle was an exception to that rule. She said Johnny Ace was the one who made the call and she saw it coming. She said “it was time,” and then she called her husband and immediately asked him if he wanted to have babies.


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