September 27, 2018

Lita Discusses Toxic Social Media, How It Can Impact Young Stars

Lita Discusses Toxic Social Media, How It Can Impact Young Stars
WWE Hall of Famer Lita spoke with Mirror about some of the challenges that younger wrestlers have to face. Specifically, Lita talked on how social media criticism can be tough to handle, and how she’s glad it didn’t exist to this extent when she was active.

On social media being a job in of itself:

It’s almost like people have instant access [to you] and it’s part of your job almost, to post and let everyone know where you are – it’s a whole separate job to add to your already-demanding job.

I don’t know, man… if anyone follows me on social media then I’m sorry, because I’ll go dark for weeks at a time!

On negative comments having an impact:

It’s interesting how your brain works because 100 people can say yours was the best match ever, and one person will say ‘that match sucked, you were sloppy, I don’t like you and you don’t deserve the title’, or whatever it is. People can say ‘I don’t care what people think’ and ‘it doesn’t bother me’, but it does.

It’s a whole other thing in [the heads of pro wrestlers] while they’re trying to stay grounded and keep a positive attitude on a lack of sleep and everything that comes with being a WWE superstar. I don’t know how those guys handle it, I think it would be very challenging.


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