September 30, 2018

Lita Made Surprise Appearance atMaryland Championship Wrestling Show (Video), Talks WWE Evolution

Lita Made Surprise Appearance atMaryland Championship Wrestling Show (Video), Talks WWE Evolution
Lita made a surprise appearance at last night’s Maryland Championship Wrestling show.

There was a six-man tag team bout between Dante Caballero, Paul Jordan and Bill Collier against Joe Keys, Bischop Khan, and Malcolm Moses. The latter stages of the match included several referee bumps. They ran out of referees so Lita, in a referee shirt, took matters into her own hands and ran down to the ring.

Lita hit Caballero with a Twist of Fate and that allowed the Keys’ team to get the win. You can see video from her surprise appearance below:

Speaking of Lita, she spoke with The UK Sun to promote next month’s Evolution pay-per-view.

Lita acknowledges that it was kind of odd for WWE to announce the first couple of matches with talent not currently on the roster.

She said, “I do think it’s a little odd that the first matches announced were Trish’s and mine because we are not even part of the current roster, even though I do think it’s interesting for people to see us come back.”

Lita says there will be plenty of women on the show from the current roster and promises that the returning stars will deliver in their matches.

Lita revealed that her match with Mickie James was something she learned about at the same time the fans found out. She was asked about participating on the show and she agreed but had no idea she would be wrestling Mickie James.

She said, “And then I found out when you all did that Mickie James would be my opponent and I would not just be a part of Evolution but I’d actually be in the ring. That’s when you just hold your breath and go with it.” She added, “I didn’t speak with Mickie instantly. The next day after the announcement I was like ‘is that real?’ I had to let it sink in and process it.”

It was the following day when she finally said to herself “I’ve got this, this is going to be rad” and then she made the call to Mickie.


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