October 2, 2018

Backstage Report On Liv Morgan's Medical Clearance Following Concussion

Backstage Report On Liv Morgan's Medical Clearance Following Concussion
Liv Morgan didn’t update social media this week either but appeared on Raw with pink hair and acting like everything was okay even though she didn’t participate in a match.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio what he has heard in the Morgan situation. While it’s possible she was cleared to take bumps before the show, she certainly didn’t do anything like that on Raw this week. But Morgan did send out a tweet which would certainly lead us to believe everything is still all set for the Super Show-Down.

“I haven’t gotten it confirmed. She was getting checked out today before the show. She’s going to Australia, she said she’s going to Australia either way. She had already been cleared for everything except for physical stuff and she didn’t take any bumps or anything like that here so I don’t know if she was cleared or not during the day.”

“But the indication from the commentary was that she was cleared. So I presume that, but it hasn’t been told to me. The last I heard was in the afternoon was she was getting examined. She’s cleared for everything but physical combat. She’s on the road, she was at a house show last night. So that was kind of the deal… she was there.”


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