October 30, 2018

Rosemary Shares Her Thoughts On WWE Evolution

Rosemary Shares Her Thoughts On WWE Evolution
As seen in the video below, Chris Van Vliet recently got a chance to sit down with Rosemary and pick her brain.

She discussed how mortals have tainted the idea of Halloween before discussing her current Impact Wrestling storyline with Allie while staying in character the entire time. Then she was asked about WWE Evolution, a subject which is much more personal to her — so she settled down a bit but still spoke in her usual unique way about how much it meant to the entire business that WWE put on their first-ever all-female pay-per-view on Sunday Night.

“It’s absolutely wonderful to see the opportunities these female warriors acquire. It’s growth. It is yes — there’s nothing more natural than evolution and we are of course, an advocate of nature. It’s wonderful to see these opportunities and every step towards another one and another one and another one and we are there — it doesn’t matter what companies what divides or who works where. It’s all empowering these female warriors and it’s wonderful to see.”

Of course, Impact Wrestling had female pay-per-view full of women’s wrestling. But the recent spotlight WWE is shining on women’s wrestling is certainly something that has helped their mission even more to bring eyes to what they are doing in the ring.


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