October 7, 2018

Trish Stratus Talks WWE Evolution, Alexa Bliss, & Today’s Female Superstars

Trish Stratus Talks WWE Evolution, Alexa Bliss, & Today’s Female Superstars
Natalya recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus for the Calgary Sun. Trish talked about her upcoming WWE Evolution appearance and much more:

Trish Stratus’ Thoughts On Facing Alexa Bliss At Evolution:

Proud. Honoured. Nervous. (But don’t tell Alexa Bliss that!). When we were competing in the so called ‘Golden Era’, we never could have imagined we’d be where we are today – an all-women’s pay-per-view. It’s amazing, as back then we felt accomplished just getting a match on a pay-per-view event, and here we are with an entire event devoted to us!

On Today’s Female Superstars:

It makes me proud knowing the blood, sweat and tears we shed have helped pave the path, but it’s the work of the women of today that have carved a viable and credible place for women in WWE. I’m honoured and humbled to have been asked back to participate. I think pairing me with Alexa Bliss – a woman who in a very short time has accomplished so much – is great as there is a definite parallel to our careers. I think seeing the generational faceoff is intriguing to fans. We’re bringing together the past and present – conceptually it is exciting.

On Her Excitement Ahead Of Evolution:

To be honest, I’m more excited than nervous. The fact that I haven’t been in singles competition for seven years (and birthed two children in the meantime!), gives me a bit of nerves, but it also is driving me to train harder than I probably ever have. I feel like I have to prove not just to everyone watching but to myself that I can do this. Also, to get back in the ring, with a competitor I’ve never faced is exciting. I’m excited to give the WWE Universe a blissfully Stratus-fying experience.

On Which WWE Superstars Are Most Influenced By Her:

I’ve seen some of my signature moves from today’s talent. I don’t blame them, as they are effective moves. Carmella does the Stratusphere, Liv Morgan does The MaTrish … but it’s Alexa Bliss’ in-ring presence that got people talking (and making comparisons). She has spoken about being a fan and studying my work and so it is humbling to see shades of Trish Stratus in her matches, which I think is what makes this matchup special.


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