November 18, 2018

Charlotte Flair Destroys Ronda Rousey and Turns Heel, Charlotte Reacts (Photos)

Charlotte Flair
Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey were having a great match and plenty of people were impressed with what they were doing in front of the Staples Center crowd at Survivor Series. But then everything took a very crazy turn as Flair whacked Rousey with a kendo stick out of nowhere that nobody even knew was around the ring and then she went to town on Rowdy Ronda.

Rousey wins via DQ but Flair continued with several kendo stick shots to the back. The kendo stick attacks continued as Rousey rolled back into the ring. WWE officials had to separate them eventually but it didn’t stop Charlotte from wrapping a chair around Rousey’s head and stomping away on the furniture. It was a very brutal way to send off the women’s portion of the Survivor Series card.

It looks like if Becky Lynch was to be babyface then that means Charlotte Flair could be turning heel, especially after this crazy post-match beatdown. Flair commented: “Boo the woo? Screw. You.” it looks like she’s tired of people booing her and if they’re going to act that way then she’s going to give them something to hate on.


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