November 18, 2018

Fifth Member of Team Smackdown Relvealed, Charlotte Sends a Message to Ronda Rousey (Videos)

Mandy Rose
- Charly Caruso interviewed Charlotte Flair backstage and asked her how prepared she is.

Charlotte spoke about how social media loves her one day and hates her the next. She said Rousey has labeled her a stand in and also mentioned that Rousey drops the Four Horsewomen.

“Anyone can hold up the four, but I’m the only one who can hold up the four and have that birthright and make it mean something,” Charlotte said.

- Naomi spoke with Asuka, Carmella, and Sonya Deville in a backstage segment prior tonight's WWE Survivor Series. She said she could fill the captain’s role.

She said they needed to remain united and welcome their fifth member. R-Truth entered the picture only to be told he wasn’t the fifth woman. Naomi introduced Mandy Rose as the fifth woman.

Rose said the women may be upset with her for being too truthful. She said it could be one of the biggest nights of their careers and if they thought she would throw it away to fight with any of them then they were even more full of themselves than she thought.


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