November 29, 2018

Jim Ross Has High Praise For Asuka

Jim Ross Has Hgh Praise For Asuka
WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently took to his podcast, “The Ross Report,” to comment on Asuka being added to the TLC Triple Threat Match for the SmackDown Women’s Title on December 16th at WWE TLC.

“Good Ole’ JR” had some high praise for the Japanese star, whose aura of invinsibility has taken a major hit since losing her first WWE match to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34 earlier this year:

“Got a lot of marquee value, got a lot of sizzle. And I got a feeling with Dave Finlay at the steering wheel that they will probably have one hell of a SmackDown Championship match coming up at TLC.

“The one thing about this scenario, whether you agree with the three-way or not, is the fact that Asuka is a major star, that somehow that got lost along the way after WrestleMania.

“Just one of those things that can be explained in a lot of different ways, I’m sure there’s a lot of right answers, but the bottom line is that Asuka should be in the mix of all the top women competing currently in WWE. She’s big money.”


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