November 17, 2018

Lance Storm Comments on Nia Jax Injuring Becky Lynch

Lance Storm Comments on Nia Jax Injuring Becky Lynch
Lance Storm spoke up about Nia Jax’s punch to Lynch’s face on Figure 4 Weekly. He said that the aggressive punch from Jax was enough to do the job of scraping a much-anticipated pay-per-view match as he explained what he told his students at his wrestling academy the next morning.

“On Tuesday morning in class you know everyone was talking about, ‘Oh wow, Becky was bloodied up,’ I actually said. I really hope she doesn’t have a concussion because you used to just superglue yourself back together and keep working and I’m like, if she got hit hard enough, this match is off. It’s like there’s no messing around anymore.”

“Concussions, you can’t mess with. So potatoes at this level are shall I say inexcusable, obviously accidents can happen but this is a big deal that derails the best angle on the pay-per-view.”

Storm said that after seeing the footage it was clear that Nia Jax simply punched Becky Lynch in the eyeball really hard and “there doesn’t look like there was an attempt to pull” the punch. But you should “only let people do what you’re good at” so if Jax isn’t good at certain things, like punching someone in the face without destroying them, then maybe she shouldn’t do it anymore.


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