November 15, 2018

Naomi Talks Chemistry With Asuka, Women's Tag Team Titles, More

WWE Naomi
Naomi spoke to Newsweek about how she feels about being on SmackDown as opposed to Monday Night Raw, her feelings on Women’s Tag Team Championships, and where she would like to go if she and husband Jimmy Uso win the Mixed Match Challenge.

Below are some highlights:

Naomi On Preferring SmackDown:

I’m super happy with where I am right now. They say RAW is the “A-Show” but I truly believe SmackDown is. It’s an amazing show and I love all the people I work with. Eventually I would love to hold the RAW title at some point before I retire or make that transition. But right now, absolutely not. I love SmackDown. Whether my husband were to go to RAW, that would lead the open the door as to if I would or want to go. Who knows? But right now, SmackDown is where it’s at

Naomi On Her Chemistry With Asuka & The Possibility Of Women’s Tag Titles:

It’s truly a gift. I’ve always been a fan of Asukas. I didn’t get to know her until she came to SmackDown. I remember thinking when everything went down, “I hope we get Asuka” and then we got her. I lost it. I think she’s probably my favorite woman on the roster, work wise. She’s so experienced, so talented, so smart. I love everything about Asuka. And everyone loves Asuka. She’s an amazing performer, worker, mother and friend. Genuinely, she is the best. I can see myself growing and learning so much with her. She’s done it all and she’s the toughest woman I know.

Right now we’re just having fun. I’ve heard the rumors and maybe we will get tag titles. I’m hoping and praying we do at some point. I don’t see it happening in 2018, but maybe in 2019. I just hope it happens before I retire and before I leave, because I want to be the first to hold them with Asuka.

Naomi On Where She & Jimmy Uso Will Travel If They Win The Mixed Match Challenge:

That’s two very good questions. When Jon and I got married, we got married on Total Divas in Maui and we literally flew out the next day to a show in Dayton, Ohio. So we never got a honeymoon. So we would probably go back to Maui and actually have a honeymoon.

If I were to win the Rumble, I’d want to face the champ, Becky Lynch. Because she’s the baddest man, right? [laughs]


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