November 14, 2018

Paige Wants to Be Like Paul Heyman, Brie Bella is Proud of Daniel Bryan

- Paige recently spoke to Planeta Wrestling where she said that she’s ready for whatever challenge WWE wants to set before her. But one thing she really wants to do is manage.

Paige stated that she wants to be like Paul Heyman and revealed that she even pitched to manage Ronda Rousey before. But she’s not just limiting her possible clients to females either because she’s also open to representing men.

“I would do anything. Right now I’m really happy being SmackDown General Manager. It can open so many different doors. I can be so many different characters just being SmackDown General Manager. I can be a good guy, bad guy, whatever I want.”

“I would love to be a manager kinda like Paul Heyman one day. I would love to do anything, anything.”

“Oh man, who would I love to manage? Everybody. I wanted to manage Ronda [Rousey] at one point but she doesn’t need me, she doesn’t need me Just anyone. Even if it’s men too, bring em on.”

- The Bella Twins ended their last program in WWE as heels against Ronda Rousey, so naturally, they understand what it takes to win at all costs. Therefore, when Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship on SmackDown Live after giving AJ Styles a low-blow and a running knee to the face, Brie Bella was nothing but supportive.

Although she didn’t mention the post-match beatdown of Styles at the hand of her husband, Brie Bella was more than proud of Daniel Bryan and what he was able to do in St. Louis during the go-home Survivor Series episode of SmackDown Live.

“So proud of him!! You do whatever you can to win championships and that’s exactly what he did. Love you,” she wrote on Instagram along with a picture of her husband with his new title.


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