November 16, 2018

Peyton Royce Gets Her Mug on WWE Production Truck (Photo)

Peyton Royce
Peyton Royce recently got a pretty big surprise when she discovered WWE had put her mug on one of their production trucks.

This might just be a wrap on a truck, but for WWE it could mean a lot more. They travel the highways and interstates of America using those trucks as a moving billboard across the nation’s roadways. So whoever they put on there has to mean something. Now they have an IIconic face to show off.

My mug is on a WWE truck I can’t help but laugh because it seems so crazy to me! How did this happen? How did we get here? My head! On a WWE truck?! Are u sureeeeee…! My heart is smiling,” Royce wrote on Instagram along with a picture of her smiling next to a giant version of herself.

It’s interesting that Billie Kay isn’t featured with Royce, but she’s probably on a truck too. Either way, it was a great moment for Peyton as their career continues on the main roster.


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