November 13, 2018

Rumor Killer on WWE Clearing Paige For In-Ring Action, WWE Edits Becky Lynch Blood

- We noted before how it was interesting that WWE did not try to hide the bloody face of SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch during the RAW invasion she led last night to close the show.

As seen in the video below, WWE did go gray to cover up the blood in the YouTube video of the invasion.

- There were some rumors on SmackDown General Manager Paige being cleared to return to the ring but those rumors are incorrect. The rumors popped up after speculation on Paige being the Team Captain for the SmackDown women's team at WWE Survivor Series, a role that will likely go to Charlotte Flair.

Paige took to Twitter today and shot down the rumors, noting that one more knock to her neck could result in paralysis. She wrote, "Nope. I'm not. At all. One more knock to my neck could result in paralysis. Don't read "facts" on the internet. As much as I want that to be true it's 100% not."


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