November 16, 2018

Scarlett Bordeaux Using Her Butt as a Weapon (Video), Jordynne Grace Vs. Katarina

Scarlett Bordeaux
- In two weeks, Jordynne Grace will be taking on Katarina in a rematch (Grace was victorious in their first encounter).

Grace signed a two-year deal with Impact last month.

Below is Grace challenging Katarina to their rematch.

- The 1st video below is a sneak peek about Scarlett Bordeaux using her butt as a weapon, yes, you heard that right. The match featured Eli Drake and KC Spinelli vs. Stone Rockwell and Bordeaux at BCW 25th Anniversary. As noted, Bordeaux's AAA video is currently #1 all-time for their promotion with 10 million viewers. For those who haven't seen it, you can watch it in the second video!


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