February 19, 2019

Mandy Rose on Defeating Asuka on Smackdown (Video), Charlotte Shows Off Bruises From Becky Lynch Attack (Photo)

Mandy Rose
- Asuka has been left out of television lately, but she made her return in a big way on tonight's SmackDown Live. “I feel ready for a new challenge,” said Asuka. “I beat both Becky and Charlotte at TLC, I made Becky tap out at Royal Rumble. I don’t want to talk about Becky and Charlotte. I want to know who is ready for Asuka right now!”

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville answered the call and came out. “If anyone’s ready for Asuka, it’s me,” said Rose. A singles match was set immediately afterward. The end came after Rose complained of an eye injury. The referee was forcing Asuka away from her opponent when Rose stopped feigning an injury and threw the champ throat first into the ropes. She then rolled her up for a quick win.

As seen below, Mandy was interviewd after the show and said she isn't surprised that she defeated Asuka. In fact, she wonders why everyone else has a hard time figuring out The Empress of Tomorrow.

- Charlotte Flair took to her Instagram Story today and shared a photo of bruises on her arm, as seen below. The bruises were from the crutch shots that Becky Lynch gave Flair at Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.


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