February 20, 2019

More on WWE’s Plans For Lacey Evans, Ronda Rousey Being A Team Player

Lacey Evans
Dave Meltzer reported via the latest episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio” that WWE’s previously reported “super big” plans for Lacey Evans are indeed just that.

According to Meltzer, Evans will be a part of the “big three” women’s talent along with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair after Ronda Rousey decides to exit the company, whenever that may be. WWE sees Evans as a star because of her background and with her being a mother and former Marine, she is someone they can promote mainstream.

Regarding Rousey, Meltzer mentions how she is 100% a team player and wants to position the women’s division in the main event picture and to headline WrestleMania, even when she’s not involved. That’s part of the reason why the match with her and Lynch involves Charlotte Flair.


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