February 26, 2019

Paige Wants a Reality Show For Her Family

WWE Paige
Paige made a recent appearance on BBC Radio Norfolk with Nick Conrad to talk the new movie Fighting With My Family, and among the topics were correct pronunciation of Norwich and why her family deserves a sequel of some sort.

Speaking about her pride in being Norwich born and bred, the female superstar vented her frustration with people who pronounce her hometown wrong. “I’m really proud of Norwich, we’re all really proud of where we come from,” she said. “During the movie you’ll see it, any time someone pronounces Norwich wrong we’re just like ‘It’s Nor-ich, it’s like porridge!’ y’know?”

The former NXT Women’s Championship went on to say that the film really is only the tip of the ice-berg for her family. “My family needs their own reality TV show here in England. I wouldn’t be able to be part of it because obviously I live in America now,” she stated. “But I feel like dad and mom and everyone is just so entertaining all the time that people would love it.”

You can listen to the full interview HERE.


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