February 16, 2019

Ruby Riott Have Some Words For Ronda Rousey, Xia Li Shows Intense Workout (Video)

Ruby Riott
- Yesterday, Sasha Banks gave props to Xia Li's work ethic in the WWE Performance Center.

Li gave Banks some love back and then posted a clip of her doing an intense one-hour cardio workout. Li was involved in last year's WWE Mae Young Classic (making it to the second round) and this year's 30-woman Royal Rumble.

- Before her WWE RAW Women's Championship match against Ronda Rousey at this Sunday's Elimination Chamber PPV, Riott had some words for the champ.

"Everyone thinks they know how this will go, everyone thinks they know what the first-ever WrestleMania headlined by women is going to be, "Riott said." They think it has to involve Ronda Rousey, whether it be against Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch. It has to be headlined by Ronda Rousey because she's carried the women's evolution on her back, as far as she's concerned. But I have news for ya. We're not just involved in the women's evolution, the Riott Squad is the women's evolution. We are the change this division needs, so in the very building that the Riott Squad was formed, a year and some change later, we're all gonna leave as champions and walk out those doors on the road the WrestleMania and start a riot."


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