February 19, 2019

Surprising Name Being Considered as Asuka's Opponent at WrestleMania

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon is a big fan of Lacey Evans, even though she has yet to step in the ring on the main roster. There are people backstage who see potential in her as a future big star in the company.

On Monday, Dave Meltzer reported that there are plans to give Evans a big push. Apparently, the big push meant that she would be getting a significant match at WrestleMania. At one point, they did have Asuka vs. Evans penciled in for the show but they are reconsidering that match.

Here is what was said on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio:

“As far as Asuka goes, I mentioned the thing with Lacey Evans last night. There actually was talk of Asuka and Lacey Evans being the WrestleMania match and it was definitely on the books at one point. But I was let to believe that it was being reconsidered and that it was not a 100 percent ‘no’ and it could happen but it was actually on the books and the point is that it’s not a 100 percent ‘yes’ and it may be more than likely ‘no.’ I wasn’t given an opponent for Asuka yet. I don’t think they have one.”


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