March 27, 2019

Alexa Bliss Look Update (Photos), Miz And Mrs. - SummerSlam

Alexa Bliss
- The remaining episodes in the first season of WWE's Miz & Mrs. series will premiere on the USA Network after SmackDown goes off the air on Tuesday, April 2. Below is the synopsis for the return episode, featuring The Miz and Maryse taking Monroe Sky to her first SummerSlam weekend:

"Baby's First SummerSlam: Mike and Maryse take Monroe to Summerslam; Mike gets an embarrassing tan."

- Alexa Bliss gave another update on her look via Twitter today and it's not as different as she indicated earlier. As seen below, Bliss posted a "finished product" photo and revealed she kept the blonde look. You can see all three of the related tweets below:


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