March 24, 2019

Carmella And Alexa Bliss Go Back And Forth About Being WrestleMania Host, Paige Attends Awards Event (Photos)

- Paige walked the orange carpet at yesterday's Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

About the appearance Paige wrote, "So much fun here at @nickelodeon #KCA first time on the orange carpet, yay!" After being removed from her SmackDown General Manager position in December, Paige has made only a handful of appearance on WWE TV, mainly to promote the film about her family, Fighting with My Family.

- Two weeks ago, Alexa Bliss revealed on RAW she is hosting this year's WrestleMania. Today on Twitter, Carmella put out a poll asking fans who the WrestleMania host really should be: Alexa Bliss or Carmella / R-Truth. Bliss wrote back, "Haha, aw, this is cute. But maybe the person who can be a solo act & who has never needed a male sidekick...[I don't know], just sayin'."

Carmella then reminded Bliss of some of her past connections in WWE and NXT.

"Oh I have no problem being a solo act, babe. But it's called being diverse. Some of us have to do more than bat our eyelashes to get ahead. Blake and Murphy...Mickie James...Mickie and Fox. Any of those names ring a bell? #delusional"


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