March 8, 2019

Charlotte Flair, Rusev and Liv Morgan Fire Back at Ronda Rousey Calling Wrestling Fake

Charlotte Flair
Ronda Rousey got people talking once she released a YouTube video where she made several interesting comments including calling wrestling fake. For a full recap, check it out here.

This is the latest development in her new character where she is now a heel and has people wondering whether this is all a work or she’s straight shooting.

Well, Charlotte Flair and Liv Morgan have responded to her comments through the power of social media. You can see their responses here:

Flair: “Can someone please remind Captain Badass here that her last two fights before coming to WWE ended with her unconscious and sobbing in the cage? Four years ago, you were untouchable. Now? Not so much. You’re a class act, @RondaRousey”

Morgan: “Lol my body is sore all the time … that’s not fake. That’s real.”

Rusev: “Ronda’s new character is not real. She is playing a badass but we all know she ain’t in REAL LIFE.”

For those of you that have asked if Ronda is really shooting…the answer is no. Everything is designed to get heat on her because she is going to take a break from WWE.

Things could always change but right now she is not advertised for any live events after the post-WrestleMania episode of Monday Night Raw. The whole idea for the Raw Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania is to make Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair bigger stars and Rousey is doing everything possible to put them over. In fact, Rousey and Lynch are very close friends in real life.


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