March 19, 2019

Lana Defends Photoshoot In Traffic And How She Dresses, New Low For WWE Total Bellas Viewership

WWE Lana
- Sunday's episode of WWE Total Bellas drew 395,000 viewers and ranked #43 on the Cable Top 150. This episode, the 9th in the 4th season, featured a pep rally for The Bella Army and the WWE Evolution pay-per-view. This is a new viewership low for the series.

- Lana made some headlines over the weekend after actress Stephanie Beatriz called her out for doing a photoshoot in the middle of Los Angeles traffic.

Lana took to Twitter and posted a few shots from the shoot. She also defended it. She wrote, "For the #Salty haters that said I didn't stop traffic .... my entire life my #Ravishing self has stopped traffic, & turned heads. Love me or hate me your still talking about me & I remain winning"

She continued, "Don't be #Salty because I'm #Ravishing & can stop traffic you can't babe"

Lana was also asked why she allows herself to be "sexualized for tweets" by a fan. She responded, "I do it all. And if I want to wear a body suit I can. Women empowerment is dressing how a woman wants and supporting that woman. It's not tweeting me and saying I need to wear something to empower other women. That is the exact opposite of empowering"

She continued in another post, "Sometimes I want to wear suites & sometimes I want to wear bikinis. For Centuries women have been told what to wear, how to speak & act. No one is going to tell me what what to do or wear. I support humans that are brave enough to express how they feel through fashion"


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