March 26, 2019

Maria Kanellis Calls Out WWE Over Video Package Snub, Praises And Defends WWE 205 Live

Maria Kanellis
Maria Kanellis took to Twitter on Monday to respond to WWE's video on celebrating Women's History Month in March. The former WWE Women's Champion lashed out about not being included in the video with other female Superstars.

She wrote, "Great video!! I think you forgot me? I'm on @WWE205Live which is part of the main roster. Oh & I've been in the company a total of 7 and a half years but that's cool. 15 and a half years total in this business. Maybe watch a few other places highlight reels. They don't forget me."

Maria then took to Instagram today and defended WWE 205 Live, calling it the environment she's most comfortable in.

She wrote, "#205live may not be the show you watch but I am proud to be a part of it. Let's go to work and try and make a difference because 205Live guys are incredibly talented. As tired as I am and they are to be overlooked, I am also happy to be in the environment I'm the most comfortable in. So when they tell you, you have "low moral, are just an Indy performer, to small, to fat, to old, tooo blah" find a way to find strength in the people around you fighting the same battle. Be proud of having a dream even if others tell you, you dream too big. F Them. Keep fighting. Make 205 Live THE SHOW TO WATCH!! We make THE Show. I make THE King. Thank you to 205 Live. You guys truly are the most talented there are. Remember that. #205live @therealmichaelbennett @wwe"

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