March 28, 2019

Nikki Bella Reveals Real Reason For Her Retirement

Nikki Bella
After announced her retirement from professional wrestling, Nikki Bella went in depth on the real reason she had to hang up the boots on the premiere episode of “The Bellas Podcast,” her neck.

Nikki said that neck injuries was very much what retired Paige and she was afraid of one wrong move causing paralysis.

“Something else to bring up is, when they showed you that I made the decision because I couldn’t hang with the girls in the ring anymore, what they also don’t air — because they never want me to talk about my neck — is … it’s because of my neck.”

“You saw what happened to Paige. Paige and I have the same hardware. So if I was to get kicked in the back of the head, I would get paralyzed too or even worse” .

For whatever reason, the executives didn’t want the viewers to know the real reason Nikki had to retire. This comes as a surprise since they previously covered Nikki’s neck injury on both Total Bellas and Total Divas.

To listen to the entire episode of Bellas Podcast, click here.


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