March 29, 2019

Rosa Mendes Says She've Never Been Proud of a Match She Have Been In

Rosa Mendes
Rosa Mendes took part in an interview with 411 Wrestling. Several topics were discussed throughout the interview. At one point, Mendes was asked about her career in WWE and if she regrets not partaking more inside the ring as a competitor after spending most of her career as a valet.

“It is one of the biggest regrets in my life, but the thing is I had an 11-year career in the WWE and not a lot of people can say that.” She would later add,“That was one of the regrets I had. I didn’t perform in the ring the way I wanted to perform. I’ve never been proud of a match I have been in, ever, and I have been in the WWE for 11-years.”

She also explains how hurt she was by those who claimed she hasn’t put her time in or paid her dues. Her passion has always been to be a wrestler because she loves it.

After her WWE release and giving birth to her daughter, Mendes has partaken in the indie scene. She debuted in MCW Pro Wrestling last year. After having surgery recently, she opens up about her withdrawal from the wrestling community. At this time, she has not made a decision on whether or not to retire.

Among other topics, the rest of the podcast focuses on her time on Total Divas, her first meeting with Vince McMahon and citing Natalya as someone she is the closest to.


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