March 30, 2019

Taya Valkyrie Shows Aftermath Of Botched Moonsault

Taya Valkyrie
Taya Valkyrie took to Twitter to give fans an update after an apparent mishap during an intergender tag match has left her with a severely swelled eye and contusions to the face.

Through her Twitter page, Valkyrie tells fans, "As you can see, my face is still super swollen. We got some x-rays and stuff done last night because the pressure on my eye was actually really bad, but I don't have any fractures. Thank God. It's just severe swelling on the whole right side of my face, so, it's just putting pressure on my eyeball. And some contusions. I just have some eye drops and lots of icing and I just have to try to stay positive even though I look like this."

When a fan asked who's fault the botch was, Valkyrie responded: "Nobody, it was an accident. This is pro wrestling and accidents happen. I've executed 1000s of perfect moonsaults. Tonight something just went wrong. That's all."

You can see the full video and tweets below:


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