April 10, 2019

More On Dasha Fuentes' WWE Departure, Lacey Evans And Becky Lynch Trade Shots

More On Dasha Fuentes' WWE Departure, Lacey Evans And Becky Lynch Trade Shots
- As noted, WWE ring announcer and backstage interviewer Dasha Fuentes was released from the company.

Dasha was previously announced to appear at a WWE anti-bullying rally in Brooklyn on Monday, but she did not appear and was replaced by Sarah Schreiber. Dasha noted on her Instagram Story that she had an "interesting couple of days" and was headed off to a vacation in the Dominican Republic.

In an update, Dasha was in New York City for WrestleMania 35 weekend but PWInsider reports that she was actually released last Thursday. Fuentes did not request her release, WWE just decided to let her go. Schreiber will be replacing her on the RAW brand, coming up from WWE NXT.

- As noted, the new feud between Lacey Evans and RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch continued on last night's SmackDown as Evans left Lynch laying with her Women's Right punch. Becky referred to her challenger as "New Charlotte" in a tweet today and said she's starting to think WWE has a thing for blondes, seen below.

Becky wrote, "So New Charlotte is my 1st challenger? Not sure now, but I'm starting to think this company might have a type."

Evans responded to that tweet and wrote, "Typical...blame it on the company. I just stood toe to toe with "a man" while wearing a pair of high heels. Imagine what I will do to you when i take them off..... #LikeALady"

Evans had posted an earlier tweet where she offered to bring dignity and class to Becky's titles. She wrote, "We've all heard you talk. Cussin' and hollerin' every week. I'm happy to teach you a lesson on #Raw OR #SDLive and bring some dignity and class to those TITLES you wear. Oh, and another thing... a belt holds up your pants up even if I knock you out. #Raw #SDLive #NoMoreNasties"


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