Natalya Tells Lacey Evans She Can Kiss Her Ass, Evans Responds

Naralya Tells Lacey Evans She Can Kiss Her Ass
Lacey Evans has been exchanging a war of words with Natalya on Twitter.

It all started when Natalya commented on a video of her smacking Evans across the face on last week's RAW, where the two were in a match for a chance to challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW Women's Championship.

Natalya's comment was: "Sometimes you have to remind people like Lacey Evans about who you are & what you stand for. Lacey thinks she's going to take a championship opportunity away from me? Lacey Evans can KISS MY ASS."

Evans did respond to the tweet earlier this afternoon that she didn't watch Natalya or her family growing up. She also went as far as to asked: "Hart Who?"

Natalya then wrote: "I had a feeling you didn't watch wrestling before. You're too busy "playing wrestler." It's fun watching you get exposed."

Evans went on to reply that Natalya has done nothing but embarrass what women stand for. Evans also went on to say that she is what wrestling needed because of her guidance and her influence.

Lacey Evans and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix were also exchanging a war of words out on Twitter after Phoenix came to the aid of her tag team partner. One of Lacey's replies to Phoenix was that she couldn't recall a single move that Phoenix did.

So according to Lacey Evans, she doesn't know the history of the Divas of Doom or the Hart/Neidhart family and she doesn't care.


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